Radon 33' and up




 Length Overall       33-36 feet
 Beam  11 feet
 Hull Draft  36-38 inches
 Dry Weight  15-18,000 lbs
 Fuel Capacity  300-500 Gallons
 Sleeps  4-6




  • Single or Twin Gas I/O (multiple options)

  • Single or Twin Diesel I/O (multiple options)

The Radon Custom 33' can be extended to 36 feet and is the ultimate in workhorse luxury.  With its roots firmly in Radon commercial pedigree, this long-range boat is designed for comfort as much as it is built to last.  A variety of configurations also make it the most customizable of all Radon boats.


Possessing the same unsurpassed performance in a following sea, the Custom 33 and larger hull rides like a dream in all weather. And with a wide variety of power packages, the sky's the limit on both speed and economy.  Cruise economically at 25 knots, or unleash the most comfortable ride imaginable at 40 knots.


The Radon Custom 33 is the ideal boat for those who hold nothing back. With ample room for six or more fishermen or divers, this amazing platform can be loaded up with more gear than you might imagine. Large storage compartments and a spacious fish hold are standard features. Fuel tanks can be adapted to the size and configuration of the selected power (typically 300 - 500 gallons). Depending on your choice of power, the Radon Custom 33 has a range of 400 to 800 miles and a cruising speed of 25 to 40 knots.

 Last Updated 6/11/13