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Issue No. 29, Q1-Q2 2010

Compiled & edited by Linda Radon

President's Message

Summer 2010 Summer 2010

I love this time of year – when fishing, boating, diving, camping, surfing and cook outs are all in full force.

I hope this is a great summer for everyone! 

Don Radon

Don Radon 


Featured Boat

The Grey Ghost – Cliff Leach’s 1973, 24’ Radon restoration


We are very happy to showcase Cliff Leach’s 1973, 24’ Radon as one of our featured boats this month.

The Grey Ghost
Above – our crew on the way to the Channel Islands on the Grey Ghost

Although the Grey Ghost is not a new boat, Cliff had us completely restore it from the hull up, so it is like new. This was a labor of love for all involved, starting with Cliff. He wanted his 1973 24’ Radon to be preserved and re-built as close to its original state as possible.

Cliff's boat before starting restoration
Cliff’s boat before we started working on it.

Stripping it bare
We basically started by stripping it down to a bare hull. Then the re-building process began.

Raised the bow
We raised the bow and extended the boat 3’

New cabin
Here is the new cabin under construction…

Gelcoating complete
The gelcoating is completed

The rigging has begun!

Cutting outdrive opening
Jeremy cuts the outdrive opening

Teak swim step
The teak swim step, teak door track and custom teak transom rails are on

Cliff and Don alongside their finished project

 Launching day!

Starting engine
Cliff inspects the engine while Jeremy starts it up and Matthew grabs the line


After his boat was completed, Cliff was generous enough to take our whole crew on a fishing trip to the Channel Islands. We brought Bill Parson’s boat along to accompany Cliff’s boat.

Sand dab
David holds up a sand dab he caught

Matthew fishing
Matthew is always happy when he is fishing!

Chepe enjoys the ride
Chepe enjoys the ride

Manolito fishing
Manolito has a quiet fishing moment

Jeremy, Frank and Jose
Jeremy, Frank and Jose on Cliff’s boat.

A mess of rock fish
A mess ‘o rock fish

Painted Cave
The Grey Ghost in front of Painted Cave on Santa Cruz Island

Back at the launch ramp
Back at the launching ramp – Cliff’s dad Al and Jeremy

Cliff and Adam
Cliff and his brother Adam are all smiles

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cliff for his amazing ability to envision the Grey Ghost in it’s restored state, as well as his patience.
Our working relationship with Cliff was very mellow and we worked on his boat when he wanted us to, at his pace. It was totally a great deal for all of us.
Our crew did an amazing job on Cliff’s boat, and also learned a lot about what awesome things could be done with someone’s beloved 1973’ Radon hull.

Happy fishing & boating, Cliff and family!



Don goes to the CBSOA symposium!

Don Radon at CBSOA

The California Boating Safety Officer’s Association held their annual symposium in Santa Barbara this year, and invited us to put up a display. Jeremy came too! The second day of the symposium was the “in the water” day for the vendors. We didn’t have a boat to demo, but the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol has two of our boats.

Right in the middle of the boat demos, the Harbor Patrol got a distress call from a man who capsized about two miles offshore. They took the 20’ Radon patrol boat and rescued him. Talk about good timing for both the victim and for showcasing our boats!

Harbor Patrol rescue during CBSOA


Engine care, part seven:

Engine care

Closed marine cooling systems, a.k.a fresh water cooling

Marine fresh water cooling systems are similar to the cooling system in an automobile, but instead of a radiator to remove the heat generated by the engine, a heat exchanger is used. The heat exchanger uses the ocean water to cool it. This keeps the ocean water from running through the block.

Running coolant through the block rather than saltwater helps reduce corrosion. This system also allows the engine to run at a slightly higher temperature which also makes it easier to regulate emissions.

Closed cooling is not without its down side –  there is the added cost, maintenance and a more complicated system which can lead to problems.

Closed cooling may or may not be the best solution for your boat depending on where you do your boating, how many hours you use it, and if you are able to flush the salt water out of the engine after use.

Make sure to do your homework before you decide to add fresh water cooling to your engine.



Jose turns 30!!!!!!!

Jose turns 30

Our long-time employee, Jose Lopez, turned the big 3-0 in April! Happy Birthday, Jose! Jose has worked for us since he was 20 years old!


Our Granddaughter turns  1 year old!

PJ and her birthday cake!

PJ Radon





Photos from customers and friends 

Ab diving

Ab diving

The above photos are courtesy of Jason Schmitt, who lives in an area where abalone diving is still allowed. The photos were taken by Jason’s buddy Adrian Zamora; the ab Jason is collecting measured 9 1/4 inches.  They were diving a spot called Dark Gulch north of Albion River.

Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

Tony Hotchkiss’ 22’ Radon accompanying paddlers during the 2009 Catalina Classic Paddleboard race, Catalina island to Manhattan Beach pier, 32 miles.

Honolulu Fire boat

The photo above was taken by Matt Moore, surfboard maker extraordinaire, while he was vacationing on the Island of Oahu. It shows the Honolulu Fire boat we built it 2000.

Audrey Marie II

Mark Dexter with his daughter, Audrey Marie, on the his newly purchased, used 24’ Radon, the Audrey Marie II.

Audrey Marie II
Here is the Audrey Marie II after Marc re-painted it.
Great job Marc!

The Kendalls

Sam, Chloe and Oaklon Kendall vacationing in Hana, Hawaii

 The Kendalls


Photo ArchivePhoto archives


Brook's Institute's 26' Radon
Don shakes hands with Ernie Brooks of Brook’s Institute of Photography, aboard Brook’s new 26’ Radon on launching day – mid ‘80’s. Stern’s Wharf is in the background

Sea Trials
Early ‘80’s – a brand new 26’ x 8’ during sea trails

Loren Bracci's 27' x 9'
Loren Bracci’s 27’ x 9’ – built in the mid ‘80’s


25' Radon built for Dan Nieman in 1990
This is a 25’ we built for Dan Nieman in 1990. We trailered it all the way to British Columbia for the delivery! We had Josh, Kate and our dog Foxie along! It was a great trip! Josh’s favorite part – salmon fishing with Dan


Early 1970's
Early ‘70’s – a wooden 36’ Radon under construction at the Santa Barbara Street boat yard


Radon Team is finished for now! See you next time!


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